Day 3 – Unexpected Results

I came to England to be part of the Rugby League World Cup 2013.  Not only was I going to follow the tournament around and see as many games and support as many teams as I could, but I had also come to help make this a great showpiece of rugby league in any way I could.

I love my game, the greatest game of all, and I want the world to see that as well.

So earlier this year I answered the call for volunteers to assist with the running of the RLWC.  Obviously it was a bit difficult to come from the other side of the world to help out, but the volunteer organisers have been very helpful in making sure I could be part of the action.

A couple of weeks ago I was allocated the ‘shifts’ I would be volunteering at, and Day Three – Fiji vs Ireland played up at Rochdale was my first match.

When Monday morning came I was quite excited.  A morning of sightseeing in Chester and then onto Rochdale to help people get into the rugby league mood and enjoy the game.  This is what the trip was all about.

Maybe I was little too excited.  Who knows.

But around about the time I should have been getting into the car to head up to Rochdale, I was instead knee deep in the bowels of the Countess of Chester hospital, getting a spinal tap and having an emergency c-section.

I was going to bring home some cheap rugby league international jerseys, instead I will be bringing home a rather impatient little boy.  What was going to be a four week holiday is now an open ended booking as we watch and wait to see how our three month premmie baby progresses.  Do your holiday plans sometimes go to poo?


Do you reckon they could do these colours in maroon?

It goes without saying that if this turn of events had been anything like a remote possibility I would not have lugged myself all the way here.  Having said that I don’t believe that being pregnant means you need to be wrapped in cotton wool.

Ahh, the best laid plans of mice and (wee, little, tiny, premature) men.

One thought on “Day 3 – Unexpected Results

  1. Congrats liss. Even though hes now a pomm lol how does that work. Glad he his doing well. Hope I ur home by christmas. I bet ur missin ur lil princess back home xox

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